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Are You Familiar with the Indoor Outdoor Living Trend? Explore Milgard’s Patio Door Solutions

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Milgard's Patio DoorIndoor-outdoor living is a burgeoning remodeling trend, with homeowners transforming their patio spaces into extended living rooms using a variety of patio door options. Whether you’re looking to convert an existing window into a door, expand your current patio door, or replace a wall with a vast opening leading to the outdoors, Milgard offers five excellent patio door solutions:

  1. French Doors – The Classic Choice

French doors are a classic and stylish option for elevating the look of your home. Known for their beautiful panes of glass that let in abundant natural light, you can choose between in-swing or out-swing operating styles. When deciding which is right for you, consider factors like the placement of hinges and the available space.

  1. Sliding Patio Doors – Space-Saving Elegance

Milgard's Patio DoorFor those working with pre-existing door openings or limited floor plan space, sliding patio doors are an excellent choice. They slide along a horizontal track and can be customized with decorative handles, premium exterior colors, glass options, and grid patterns. Milgard’s Tuscany Series vinyl sliding patio doors are both durable and virtually maintenance-free.

  1. Stacking Glass Walls – Embrace Natural Light and Space

Stacking glass walls open by stacking each panel on top of the other while sliding down the track. Depending on the size of your opening, you could have between 3 and 6 tracks. When fully open, your living room seamlessly extends into your patio space, flooding your home with natural light and fresh air.

  1. Pocket Glass Walls – Discreet and Elegant

Pocket glass walls are perfect if you want the panels of your patio doors to disappear from view when open. As the panels slide open, they tuck into a wall pocket out of sight, creating an open-air retreat. When closed, the large door panels beautifully frame your scenic view. These patio doors are ideal for both replacement projects and new home construction.

  1. Bi-Fold Glass Walls – Create a Grand Entrance

Milgard's Patio DoorWith bi-fold glass walls, each panel folds on top of the adjacent panel as you open it, creating a grand entrance onto a private deck or patio space. The modern frame profile pairs well with a variety of architectural home styles and offers four colors to choose from.

Once you’ve selected the perfect Milgard patio door, it’s time to decorate your new indoor-outdoor space. Consider a mix of sofas and chairs for ample seating, and think about carrying your interior color palette through to the exterior space with pillows and rugs for a seamless transition. Don’t forget to include dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, and decorative pieces like candles, baskets, or statuary. Your patio should be an extension of your living room, so let your creativity run wild.

If you’re still undecided about which patio doors are best for your home, check out Milgard’s Patio Door Selection Guide for additional insights and inspiration.

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