Basics for Entry Door Installation

 Basics for Entry Door InstallationThere are many different types of entry door installation. Our experts at K&J Windows will handle the entire process for you. If you’re not accustomed to doing home repairs yourself, it is not common to know what to anticipate for your entry door installation. Below we’ve detailed out the basics to expect ahead of your installation day so you feel confident and ready.


There are two primary types of entry door installation: pocket and full-frame.

Pocket Entry Door Installation: a pocket installation takes place when the door frame is left intact. This allows for the new entry door to simply slide into the existing frame. Due to the ease of this type of installation, it can typically be done in about an hour. This option is more common for homeowners who want to pay out of pocket. It can be done if the door frame is still in good condition and level. This is a convenient option for structurally sound entry doorways.

Basics for Entry Door InstallationFull-Frame Entry Door Installation: on the opposite end a full-frame entry door installation requires more time, work, and a bigger budget. The entire doorway will need to be removed and replaced with new insulation, trim, and a new frame. This option allows you more flexibility with design. Since you are taking out and replacing the entire entry door, you can opt for a new size or change the aesthetic completely. You have more freedom and options with this route. The downside is that it will take more time and labor, and require workers to be both inside and outside of your home while the installation takes place.

Once you’ve decided on a door, it’s time to prepare for installation day. Replacing an entry door is an investment and you can expect the highest quality of service from K&J Windows. We will assess the area in advance to your actual appointment.


Basics for Entry Door InstallationIn preparation for the installment, move any decorations or furniture out of the way prior to your appointment. Our workers will bring drop cloths to cover and protect the floors. The work for you is now over and in our hands. Our experts will keep you updated as the complete the job. When finished, they will begin to clean up the area and let you know the job is complete. Before their departure, they will ensure you have proper instruction on how to operate and care for your new entry door and provide you with any included warranty information.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards entry door installation, reach out to us at K&J Windows. Our experts are available Monday through Friday. We look forward to working with you!