Can I replace a door with a window?

Can I replace a door with a window?Definitely, you can! Door to window replacement is one exciting sport that can be done with the help of your family members and friends. It is very effective and has its own relaxing benefits it brings to your home. Do you have a door that gets little or no usage? That is the spot right there! It can be converted or replaced with a window.
This will give a freeway for natural light thereby lightening up your home or room.

It is always best to replace non-functional exterior doors with windows. Asides the warm embrace of natural light, it gives your home/room a different but more enhanced look and makes your home feel more secure. This is an exciting change to make in our home especially if we’re lucky enough to have a non-functional door. It can be a little bit difficult but with the aid of your family/friends and also with the proper guidelines and tools, you will be able to make profitable results.

One of the major and necessary steps in door-window replacement is making the right choice of window. You don’t need just any window to fit into your exterior door space, you need a high-quality window that will not only fit into your space but can also give your space an elegant and more enhance fit. There are varieties of replacement windows that come in different sizes but still without a guarantee that they’ll fit into your space. Custom windows are always the best to go for.

Some of the necessary steps you should take in your window replacement includes;

  • Ensure to have the proper and essential materials and tools
  • Ensure to read the manual of any product you purchase before proceeding to the installation
  • Carefully detach the non-functional door and remove both exterior and interior trims
  • Remove the threshold and avoid tampering with the original door sill to avoid extra work
  • After removing the door and trim, take a measurement and outline each side of the opening on the window sill
  • Go ahead to measure and install jack studs. This will help hold sills in place
  • Measure and cut out plywood that fits your space and secure with a nail.
  • Make sure to protect and cover perimeter seams around the plywood with self
  • adhesive flashing
  • Carefully position/ install your window. Secure round the necessary areas with adhesive caulk once it’s being properly place
  • Secure the window into its frame with roofing hammers through the outlined holes on the flange.
  • Install and apply expanding spray insulation in the spaces between the window and the frame
  • Carefully measure, cut out, and install drywall to cover extra spaces underneath the window. Mud seams and apply tape all over the mud to secure and allow to dry properly.
  • Measure, cut out and install window trim and secure with finishing nails
  • Apply primer and allow to dry properly then proceed to paint. With your choice of paint color, you can choose to double coat if necessary
  • You have successfully installed and replaced your non-functional door to a window!

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