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Different Type of Doors

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Different Type of Doors? Doors are opened spaces or breaks on a building’s wall that allow for entrance or exit into said buildings. Initially, people left these spaces bare, but with time, solid fixtures covered the openings. Doors are necessary for privacy, separation of areas, and, most importantly, for security. The presence of a door makes it harder for burglars to break into a house or building and destroy its property. With so many different type of doors to choose from how do you know which door will make your home or business stand out?

When choosing which door to get for your home, office, or building, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • Personal preferences
  • Your budget
  • Purpose of the door
  • Ease of operation
  • Durability of the door

Categories of doors

Different Type of DoorsThe differences in door types come from the contrast in materials used in construction, the method of operation, and the style of construction. You can also classify doors as either interior or exterior doors. For a wide variety of different types of doors, K&J Windows is your one-stop-shop. Here is a list of some of the available door options.

Battened Doors

Most battened doors are wooden doors. However, you might find some made of PVC or even steel. Battened doors simply consist of planks arranged vertically and supported by two or more horizontal planks called ledges. There are three types of battened doors, namely:

  • Batten and ledge doors
  • Batten, ledge and brace doors,
  • Batten, ledge, brace, and frame doors.

Glazed doors

In simple terms, glazed doors are doors with glass fittings. The fittings might be partial or full, depending on your preference. The frame of the door might be wooden, aluminum, or even steel. Glazed doors are exceptionally efficient for natural lighting and easy visibility.

Louvered doors

Like glazed doors, louvered doors can be wooden, aluminum, or PVC. The louvers allow for controlled lighting, full privacy, and, most importantly, natural ventilation. For this latter reason, most people fit louvered doors in showers and restrooms.

Revolving doors

Revolving doors are especially common in public buildings, such as banks. The revolving technique has many advantages. For starters, it allows simultaneous entry and exit into the building. It also helps with natural lighting and ventilation in the building. Revolving doors are usually exterior doors.

Different Type of Doors?Sliding doors

Sliding doors require a fixture of a rolling rail that allows for their smooth operation. Most sliding doors consist of glass bodies and aluminum frames, but wood and PVC frames are also available. Sliding doors are great for bathrooms or for separating the patio from the rest of the house.

Swing doors

Unlike regular doors, swing doors move in both directions of the hinge. Swing doors use both the pull and push techniques. They are common in commercial buildings such as banks and offices. These doors are efficient because they automatically position themselves back to the closing position. They can, however, confuse and sometimes harm when they swing too forcefully on the hinge.

Rolling steel shutter doors

Rolling shutter doors are very common for storefront spaces, garages, and workshops. Rolling steel shutter doors are very secure options for places holding valuable items. They also offer maximum privacy as the steel is entirely opaque.

Collapsible steel doors

Collapsible steel doors are also standard for workshops, garages, and other industrial spaces. They combine the folding and sliding doors techniques to allow for a collapsing effect. You can use these doors for room division and security purposes. Collapsible steel doors also have the advantage of allowing natural lighting and ventilation.

For these and other different types of doors, K&J Windows Company has you covered. We offer high-quality doors coupled with excellent service. Visit our shop for the best door options.

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