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Different Types of Patio Doors in Arizona

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Different Types of Patio Doors in Arizona Traditionally, there are three different types of patio doors in Arizona. Of course, once you have selected the option that you like best, there are plenty of ways to customize your doors further. In today’s blog post, our Phoenix door experts are breaking down the types of patio doors to choose from. Stay tuned to learn which one works best for you.

Sliding Doors

For anyone looking to conserve space in their home, sliding doors are a great choice. Because they slide from one side to the other instead of swinging open, you can keep furniture closer to the door without worrying about the door smacking into it. 

While most sliding doors range from 60 to 72 inches in width, the size can be customized to suit your needs. Sliding doors are not known to be the most secure patio doors because of the simplicity of the locking mechanism, but you can take additional security measures like adding a removable bolt to the base. 

French Doors

Different Types of Patio Doors in ArizonaFrench doors, also known as hinged doors, are typically sold in sets of two to three panels. Only one of the panels generally opens, while the others are essentially door-sized windows that allow more natural light to enter the home from the patio.

These stylish doors are popular in contemporary homes for their sturdiness, security, and beautiful views of the outdoors. The standard size of French doors varies from 30 to 72 inches per door, but you can opt for custom doors if you have a unique entryway.

Folding Doors

Folding doors are named after the way they fold up like an accordion and work great in smaller spaces that don’t offer much room for the patio doors to open. This type of door is popular in modern-style homes and offers panoramic views of the outdoors. 

The standard size of folding doors ranges from 70 to 96 inches in width and there are quite a few moving parts, which makes them difficult to maintain and requires a professional to install. For these reasons, folding doors aren’t the most durable choice.

Patio Door Customization Options

Different Types of Patio Doors in ArizonaOnce you have decided between sliding, French, and folding doors, there are a few more ways to customize your selection. You’ll need to choose the right door material for you—vinyl, fiberglass, wood, steel, or aluminum. 

Vinyl tends to be the most popular choice these days for its durability and affordability. Fiberglass is similar to vinyl, except that it’s known to be more durable and therefore more expensive. 

Wood is a common option for those with a more classic or rustic style in mind. As far as metal doors go, steel is the more energy-efficient option, while aluminum is cheaper and can damage more easily. If you’re not sure which patio door material makes the most sense for your home, our team of Arizona window and door experts is here to help.

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Now that you know more about the different types of patio doors in Arizona, it’s time to choose the one that best suits your home design style and budget. At K&J Windows, we offer an expansive selection of premium doors and windows to enhance your home. 

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