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Does Your Residence Need Single or Double-Paned Windows?

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Does Your Residence Need Single or Double-Paned Windows? When choosing windows for your house, you have various options, and one of them is whether you should get [1] single or double-panned window. The difference between the two goes beyond the cost, and so, you should do your research well before making the decision.

You need to look at it with what you will get in the long run in mind. Determine whether the area you live in has anything to do with the decision you make. Other factors play a big role too. However, you should understand the difference between single and double-panned windows first.

What Are the Differences Between Single and Double Panes?

Does Your Residence Need Single or Double-Paned Windows?The major difference between the two is that single pane windows come with one layer of glass while double pane ones have two layers. The latter comes with a layer of either krypton or argon gas between the panes.

Both these windows come in a variety of styles and appearances. Aside from the differences, various differentiating factors between the two types exist, and you need to consider them when choosing whether to go with single or double-panned windows.

So, how do you decide which windows [2] to get for your house?

You Are Environmentally-Conscious

If you are considering the environmental benefits you will reap from your windows, getting double-panned ones is wiser. The United States generates two-thirds of its electricity from burning fossil fuels. The result is around 2,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide getting released into the atmosphere.

When you use double-panned windows, it means that your heating and cooling appliances don’t have to work extra hard, which results in using less electricity, and thus less carbon dioxide emissions.

You Want an Alternative to Storm Windows

Does Your Residence Need Single or Double-Paned Windows?If you live in a place where storms are imminent, you need to get the right type of windows for your house. Double pane windows can help eliminate the need for storm windows. Once you install double pane windows, you also don’t need any additional protection against the elements, be it high summer temperatures or extreme winters.

Reduce Noise

When you have two layers of glass, with the inner layer comprising an inert gas, you are assured of less noise in your home. That is because double-panned windows are better at blocking any noise coming from outside your house.

The amount of noise reduced by double-panned windows varies depending on the type of window. However, you can expect to reduce the external noise by between 20% and 50%. For those living in high traffic areas, near a flight path, busy neighborhoods, you will notice a huge difference immediately after installing these windows. You will enjoy a quieter and more peaceful home.

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