Door Replacement Options, from K&J Windows

Door Replacement Options So, the worst has happened, someone has tripped and fallen, and now there is a hole in your door. What do you do? You turn to the most reliable local door replacement company in Phoenix, and you seek out some advice. What are you looking for in a door? Is it outdoor or indoor? Would you like glass or full wood? Let us talk you through your range of door replacement options so that you can make an informed purchase that will help beautify your home.

Your Door Replacement Choices

Door Replacement OptionsFirst of all, decide whether your door is an indoor or an outdoor entrance; this will narrow down the choice of materials you can use for your door replacement. If you are shopping for an outer door consider harder textiles. For indoor use there isn’t as much need for waterproofing since exposure to the elements is kept to a minimum.

You should consider the color of your chosen door before you commit to buy. If it clashes with the brickwork of your house, then you will never be happy. Other things to think about include the amount of glass you would like, the shape of any windows you want, and the vertical dimensions that your prospective new door might take up.

Fire Rated and Outer Door Replacements

Solid wooden doors are always popular for the inside of your home — but have you ever considered that they are a safety feature, too? Heavy wooden doors are more likely to stop the spread of fires than light ones will. Fire-rated doors are often sprayed with retardants to ensure they protect you for as long as possible. If you do not like the idea of chemicals used to create your replacement door then you may not like this option.

For outer doors, we generally tend to stick with hard-wearing plastics, PVC and double-glazed glass. One of our most popular replacement door types is our Classic-Craft. These are elegant, rounded doors that are best set in older-styled houses. We also sell Fiber-Classic doors that are made from toughened fiberglass. These generally sport a sturdy, strong look accentuated with stylish glass windows. Finally, our Smooth-Star range is the safest of all. These outer doors will add a sense of full security to your home, as well as a touch of class.

All of the doors we provide are of the most exceptional quality and are fitted by our expertly trained team of technicians. We take great pride in our work, always seeking to leave the client with the best possible experience of our firm. For all your window and door replacement needs in Phoenix, we here at K&J Windows can be of impeccable service.

Door Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for a door replacement company, you can trust, and if you are based in Phoenix, AZ, then we can help you! You can visit our gallery to peruse our range of doors, or you can contact us if you would like to speak with our experts. We are always eager to please and happy to hear from you. So, if service with a smile sounds good, get in touch! Your ideal new door might be already here and waiting!