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Best Energy Efficient Front Doors for the Modern Home

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Best Energy Efficient Front Doors for the Modern Home

You want a modern home, and installing an energy efficient front doors is a quick step towards that goal. After all, the contemporary home is efficient wherever possible. Door manufacturers in Arizona make the process of changing the doors on your home easy.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Door

Initially, fiberglass can seem like an expensive choice. It often resembles natural materials without the maintenance requirements. Fiberglass doors like Therma-Tru also resist wear and tear well. To top it off, fiberglass makes remarkably energy efficient doors.

In comparison, many other door materials used by door manufacturers in Arizona have significant drawbacks. For example, steel doors require constant maintenance whenever they dent. Otherwise, they’re highly susceptible to rust.

Meanwhile, wood is one of the most expensive options on the market. Depending on the species, these doors can also require more regular maintenance. Arizona has a dry climate, and many of the beautiful wood door options need help to keep their luster.

Efficient Front Doors

Energy Savings with Front Doors

One of the big reasons for making the change is swapping in a more energy efficient door. Many old doors have gaps where the air inside your house escapes into the desert. That means your home must work harder to keep your climate-controlled.

Front doors, like many appliances, can be Energy Star certified. In Arizona, solar heat gain coefficient is the most important value when you’re reading about doors. The lower that value, the less sun affects the inside of your home. An Energy Star certification means a door meets the minimum, though you may want a door that exceeds it.

Additionally, replacing your front door can also help with all the various pieces around the door. Items like weather stripping can make an enormous difference in the air gap control. However, they also tend to wear out quicker than the door itself does.

Front Door Styling

In addition to all the savings, installing a new front door is an opportunity. Changing the door allows you to pick everything from the style to the colors. It supplies the chance to make the home genuinely yours.

The modern door comes in every color of the rainbow. You can choose anything from classic to pop colors. Choosing them while the door is still at the manufacturer in Arizona means the brightness can be sealed in and last longer than if you applied the coat yourself.

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