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Front Door Design: How To Choose the Perfect Front Door Design for Your Home

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Front Door Design How To Choose the Perfect Front Door Design for Your Home Your front door design is an essential component of your entire curb appeal. Upgrading your front door can transform the outlook of your home. There are several front door designs that you can consider for your next home improvement project. Designs range from wooden doors to glass doors and a large variety of composite materials.  

Let us check out some of the most trendy, aesthetic, and popular front door designs in 2022. 

Types of Front Door Designs 

  • Flat Solid Door 

One of the most common door designs available on the market is the flat solid door. This clean, minimalistic look makes for an excellent and safe front door. Due to its simplicity, you have the option of choosing unique hardware to complete and customize the final look. It is best suited to someone who prefer a simple classic design. 

  • Contemporary Panelled door

Front Door Design How To Choose the Perfect Front Door Design for Your HomeA paneled door may be the perfect fit for your home if you want a beautiful modern design. This front door design is best suited to a current home and homes with wood paneling on the sides. Ensure you inquire with your supplier about the wood used and the methods used to protect your door from wear over the years. 

  • Traditional Panelled Door 

Traditional paneled doors offer the same level of security as their contemporary counterparts. This front door design is best suited to people with older conventional homes with character. This door design is detailed, and more often than not, they are made of solid hardwood. Ensure you get high-quality crafted traditional hardwood doors. 

  • Glass Doors 

Glass doors are all the rage as more people opt for a modern look in their homes. Glass doors come in many shapes and forms and allow for a great deal of customization. If you love the glass aesthetic, glass doors are a great way to add style and make a statement in your home. If you need extra privacy, you can opt for frosted glass, stained glass, or sandblasted finishes for your front door.

  • Part-Glazed Door 

Glass is all the rage, but some prefer something much more solid. A part-glazed front door design might be a better option if you want a design that lets in the light but is still stable enough not to compromise your safety. Part-glazed doors come in various techniques. Check with your favorite supplier to ensure you get high-quality and secure glass for your part-glazed front door. 

  • Wrought Iron Door 

Wrought Iron front doors add a storybook-like appeal to your home’s entrance. Wrought iron doors often go with wood for a complete look. This design is another excellent direction, especially if you prefer a more rustic look to your home. The best-wrought iron front doors look customized. If you buy a premade version, check all the hardware and wood used to get high quality. 

  •  Double Doors 

If you can have one front door, you may as well have two. Double doors are inspired by the infamous French doors and add a twist and appeal to your home. Double doors can be made using hardwood, wrought iron, or glass. These are a great way to make your home more welcoming and add a dash of style to the entrance of your home.

Here Is How To Choose The Best Front Door For Your Home

Finding the perfect product for your home depends on several factors. For starters, your budget can significantly determine the options available to you. If you are more inspired by style and materials as opposed to the budget, you have a variety of options to pick from 

Some of the most common front doors are determined by the materials used. As you have been in the available designs, wood is one of the most common materials used to design front doors. You can use wood traditionally, in a contemporary way, and even in conjunction with other materials like iron and glass. 

Consider the following factors when seeking the perfect front door for your home. Does the design match the rest of your home? Do you love the materials used? How safe is the design based on your location? With the answers to these questions, you are better equipped to choose a great design that adds curb appeal and lasts a lifetime. 


There are many front door designs to pick from where front doors are concerned. Equipped with this knowledge, you now understand the fundamentals of choosing a tremendous front door. Whether you want a modern contemporary style, something more traditional, or even a quirky artistic front door design, you can find an excellent product for your home. Check out KJ Windows for inspiration. 


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