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How Often Should You Replace Windows?
How Often Should You Replace Windows

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 How Often Should You Replace WindowsOther than giving your house a more glamorous look, windows also contribute to the comfort of your home. However, they do have a lifespan that can range from 10 to 25 years. Indeed, many manufacturers of Windows will provide a 10 year warranty. So, how do you know that your window needs replacing?

To begin with, how you maintain your windows has a direct effect on how long they last. Windows come in all types of shades and sizes and play different roles in the home. The weather conditions windows have to withstand will also determine their lifespan. Lastly, your windows are only as strong as the frame they are mounted on. If the frame falls apart, so will your windows.

Difficulty Closing/Opening

How Often Should You Replace WindowsIf you note that if a window is difficult to open, that could be a tell-tale sign that it needs replacing. Warping of the frame is usually the culprit. This is due to the normal weather changes from sunlight and heat to rain and cold. A window could also fail to open because it was painted over or poorly installed. In some instances, poor construction of a house can cause damage to your windows.

Foggy windows

 When condensation builds on the interior of your window, it is an indicator that there is a high level of humidity indoors. On the exterior of a window, it indicates foggy or wet weather. However, when you have double glazed windows that are foggy it means that condensation has gotten between the panes. Such a window needs to be replaced as it interferes with the amount of light entering the room. Moreover, constant [1] moisture build-up on the windows could result in a growth of mold on the frame.

Noise reduction

How Often Should You Replace WindowsIf you live in a noisy area such as beside a busy road or near an airport, your windows should provide a high level of noise reduction. Windows that refuse to close properly will let in noise. Damaged or improperly installed sealing could also prevent a window from closing properly. If you have single-panned windows, it would be worthwhile to replace them with double-panned ones to reduce noise.

High Bills

If your windows don’t close properly, they are going to let in drafts. Such a window can compromise your security as a burglar would find it easy to prise it open.  Although replacing a window because it doesn’t close properly might seem expensive, the opposite is true. A window that lets drafts in will mean your house’s heating and cooling systems don’t work efficiently. This will mean paying [2] higher energy bill.

Cracks and Scratches

Over time, scratches, cracks, and chipping will occur to your windows. This means your windows’ functions of keeping the elements and noise out will not be effective. Furthermore, an old window with cracks and scratches lets in less natural light. If not replaced in time, such a window could shatter from a slight knock and cause injury.


Lastly, styles and esthetics change. If your windows look old-fashioned, replacing them with a more modern look could be on the cards. Whatever the reason for the window replacement, [3]  K&J Windows, Arizona is your go-to expert in window installation and advice.

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