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How to Choose New Windows for Your Home

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How to Choose New Windows for Your HomeIs it time to upgrade your windows? Most windows will need replacing every 15-20 years. And thanks to advancing technology, the possibilities for new windows are endless. If you need help navigating the window replacement process, today’s blog post reveals exactly how to choose new windows for your home. Stay tuned! 

Choosing the Frame 

If you’re wondering how to choose new windows for your home, we recommend starting with the frame: 

  • Wood frames are less prone to heat and cold transfer, but they require more upkeep than other materials. Because they’re prone to rot, we don’t recommend wood frames for houses in humid climates. 
  • Vinyl frames are affordable and energy-efficient. However, they are often limited in color and style. 
  • Aluminum frames are a great option for rainy, humid, and hurricane-prone climates. However, they aren’t very energy-efficient. 
  • Fiberglass frames are extremely energy-efficient and incredibly durable. For those reasons, they are the most expensive. 
  • Composite frames mimic the look of wood, but they are virtually maintenance-free. And because composite frames use resins from recycled plastics, they are an eco-friendly choice for homeowners. 

Choosing the Glass

How to Choose New Windows for Your HomeAfter you decide on a frame, you need to select a type of glass. If you aren’t sure what kind you would like, energy-efficient glass is a great place to start. Here at K&J Windows, we offer several energy-efficient options (double-glazing, triple-glazing, low-E glass, and argon gas fill). We also provide unique aesthetic glass suitable to every home style.

Choosing the Hardware and Grids

We always recommend opting for durable and secure hardware. When it comes to door handles and locks, you want to ensure they work smoothly and securely. Additionally, you’ll need to determine what kind of grids you’d like. Window grids are an excellent way to liven up the look of your home. However, their availability depends on the manufacturer. 

Choosing the Installation

How to Choose New Windows for Your HomeFinally, it’s time to install the custom replacement windows you’ve chosen for your home. Windows’ performance depends on perfect installation, so make sure you enlist the help of a professional. Be wary of installers who rely heavily on sealants to get the window to fit correctly. Additionally, keep in mind that certain types of windows are harder to install than others. (For example, double-hung windows, casement windows, and picture windows should all be installed by an expert.)

Top Window Providers in Phoenix

If you were wondering how to choose new windows for your home, we hope that today’s article offered some guidance. However, if you still have questions, our expert window installers would be happy to walk you through the process. 

Having been family-owned and operated for 15+ years, K&J Windows has helped hundreds of Phoenix homeowners install the windows and doors of their dreams. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality products and customer service, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the industry’s best. 

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