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How To Clean Your Front Door 

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More often than not, your front door is the first thing your guests will see when they visit your home. Therefore, you must get it right when cleaning your front door. This post will share some best practices and tips on cleaning your front door for your next extensive spring cleaning.

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How to clean a wooden door 

How To Clean Your Front Door A lot of homes have wooden front doors. Whether your door is a combination of glass and wood, or rod iron and wood, it is advisable to know how to treat your wood for a shiner, longer-lasting finish.

Here’s the step-by-step process to getting a cleaner wooden door. 

  • Step 1 

Dust off your door with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with your nozzle attachment. This removes all the loose dust on your door, setting you up for easier cleaning. 

  • Step 2 

Using equal parts of water and dish soap, wipe the surface of your door gently. You can use a soft cloth to clean the wood. Make sure you clean in the path of the wood grain for best results. You can also use vinegar instead of dish soap for equally good results. 

  • Step 3 

It’s time to dry the door after washing it all around with soap and water. Use a dry paper towel for this step or a dry cloth. Do not skip this step if you don’t want dust sticking to your door just after you’re done cleaning. This also ensures no lines are left behind after using dish soap to wipe down your door. 

  • Step 4

Once your door is clean, you need to clean and shine your fixtures. Brass is a common material used in making door fixtures. Cleaning brass is easy with products you already own at home.

Mix half cup of water with 2 teaspoons of salt. Using a sponge or cloth, dab the mixture on your brass handle and let it sit for up to 15 min maximum before using a soft cloth to wipe it off. 

How to clean a glass door 

How To Clean Your Front Door A lot of front doors have both glass and wood finishes. Use the above steps to clean off the wooden area if your door has both glass and wood. Use the steps below to get crystal-clear glass doors for your home. 

Step 1: Begin by dusting the surface with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth. This applies to wooden and glass doors alike. 

Step 2: Spray the glass with your choice of window cleaner. If you don’t have access to store-bought window cleaner, you can make a great cleaner using 1 cup of detergent, 6 spoons of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water. 

Step 3: Scrub the glass surface with a sponge or soft wet cloth to remove any debris stuck to your window. 

Step 4: Use a squeegee to get rid of the water and cleaner for dry line-free cleaning. If you don’t have a squeegee, you can use a dry towel by wiping in circular motions. 

Things to consider

When cleaning a wooden door with a varnish finish, you can use a wood polish with beeswax to shine your door. If your door is painted, remember to add more water to your soap mixture. This ensures you are not stripping off your paintwork as you clean. 


Cleaning your door is a critical part of your cleaning technique. Ensuring you remember to dust off and deep clean your front door is a great way to keep your home fresh and inviting, especially as we approach the festive season. 

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