Is It Worth Replacing Windows in Your House

Is It Worth Replacing Windows in Your House

Is It Worth Replacing Windows in Your House?

Whether you’re renovating, selling, or buying, an often overlooked feature is replacing windows in your home. Putting in the effort to figure out if it’s worth paying for new windows and proper installation is usually put on the back burner. But that may not be the best strategy. Replacing windows in your house could save you money in the long run or increase the value of the house. As with any part of renovation, there are pros and cons. Let’s find out if replacing windows in your home is a cost-effective strategy or just another hole burned into your pocket.

The Initial Investment for Buying New Windows

Replacing a window in your house can run you upwards of $500. Depending on how many windows are in your home, you’re looking at a pretty pricy bill. Take a look at the windows you currently have and why they might need replacing. If they’re single-paned windows, then it’s probably a good idea to replace them since they’re not great at keeping the heat out or in. However, some old single-paned windows are work keeping for the sake of aesthetics. After you’ve assessed your window situation, just remember that replacing windows in your home is not cheap up front. But you may earn that money back quickly.

Is It Worth Replacing Windows in Your HousePotential Home Value Increase and Lowered Bills

Replacing windows can increase the value of your home in a number of ways. New windows usually mean adherence to energy efficiency guidelines. The better the windows, the higher their energy ranking, the more value is added to your home. Beyond home value, energy efficiency benefits extend to your electric and heating bills. New windows are much better at insulating. Thus, heat is less likely to enter in the summer and more likely to stay inside in the winter. This should lower your heating and air conditioning bills greatly.

Keep Aesthetics in Mind, Always

Some windows are downright ugly and can severely lower your home’s curb appeal which then reduces its value. Just because replacing windows in your house may save money on bills, it may have the opposite effect when trying to sell the house. From here, there are two options: go ahead with a full window replacement or repair your existing windows.
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If you go for the full replacement, you should make sure whatever new windows you choose match the aesthetic of your home. Color, style, size, etc. It really does make a difference, and if you install the wrong kind, then you’re just digging a deeper hole in your pockets.
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Luckily, there are programs that allow you to digitally “install” new windows on a photo of your house. Alternatively, you can have your current windows repaired. Window repairs don’t have the full range of benefits found with replacements, but you’ll at least have good working windows. They’re also cheaper. Just don’t expect much in the way of energy bill savings or even draftiness in some cases.


One final benefit, and possibly the best one if you live in a neighborhood, is noise reduction. Replacing windows in your home can eliminate outside noise stupendously. Now that you have the information, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons and decide if window replacement is right for you. If it’s right, then is the best place to replace your windows for a great price.