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Milgard Windows

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Milgard Windows is one of the preferred brands here at K & J Windows. As one of the top window companies serving the western United States, they offer high-quality windows in a variety of styles. From basic single-hung models to dramatic picture windows, Milgard produces products that to fit your budget and architectural style.

Benefiting from Vertical Integration

Milgard Windows has been in the glass and window business for over 60 years. Part of the secret of their success is their vertically integrated approach to window production. Rather than purchasing components from several suppliers, the company has direct oversight of the entire manufacturing process. This business model ensures quality while keeping prices under control.

Multiple Frame Materials

Milgard WindowsMilgard produces window frames in three types of material: vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. As your installer, the material we recommend will depend on your home, location, and budget.

Milgard Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have a reputation for durability and low maintenance. Milgard uses a two-coat process that reduces fading by allowing UV rays to pass through the color formulation and reflect off the vinyl frame. This feature means your windows will look like new for many years.

Milgard Fiberglass Windows 

Milgard fiberglass windows tend to be more expensive than other window materials. However, they are ideal for projects that involve large windows. The strength of fiberglass allows it to hold wide glass surfaces while still keeping your home safe and secure.

Milgard Aluminum Windows

Aluminum window frames from Milgard have a slim profile that makes them perfect for many architectural styles. The company incorporates a polyurethane channel in its aluminum windows to increase their energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer.

Attractive Window Styles

Milgard WindowsMilgard Windows produces a wide range of window types to meet the needs of every architectural style and project. Whether you are in the market for replacement windows or looking for specialty products for your new home, you’re sure to find a window that works for your project.

Standard Window Styles

Milgard basic window styles are ideal for standard usage and are available in all three frame materials. These windows combine functionality with quality, giving you energy efficiency and easy ventilation. Some of the traditional styles produced by Milgard include:

  • Single Hung Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows

Picture Windows

Milgard WindowsWhen you want a room with a view, Milgard picture windows are the right choice. These fixed windows offer broad views and are a perfect way to enjoy the Arizona landscape. If ventilation is a concern, you can pair your picture window with casement or sing-hung models.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows from Milgard offer unique styles, shapes, and features to give your home visual appeal.

  • Radius Windows: Circular and arched windows offer an elegant flair.
  • Bay and Bow Windows: These extended windows expand your interior space and let in natural light.
  • Garden Windows: Garden windows offer room for an interior kitchen herb garden or other household plants.

Strong Warranties

One of the reasons we recommend Milgard is its lifetime warranty. The company is confident in its production process, so it offers customers the full cost of replacing or repairing windows for damage caused by defective materials as long as they live in their homes. The Milgard warranties vary by product line, so customers must take the time to understand the agreement for their particular product.

At K & J Windows, we strive to offer our Phoenix customers value and quality with every window project. We believe Milgard Windows builds products that meet our standards of excellence. High-quality Milgard windows combined with our experienced installation techniques will give your home long-lasting, beautiful results.

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