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Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient Windows
Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient Windows

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Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient WindowsEnergy efficient windows are designed to prevent air from escaping your home. In short, they offer homeowners a simple and effective way to lower the cost of their utility bills. However, there’s a bit more to them than just that.

Here at K&J Windows, we specialize in providing Arizona homeowners and businesses with high quality windows and doors. Today, our window experts have compiled a list of the pros and cons of energy efficient windows. Let’s dive right in!

Pro: Energy Efficient Windows Are Environmentally-Friendly

If you thought your windows couldn’t do their part to save the environment, think again. Energy efficient windows prevent heated and cooled air from escaping your home, which means you’re effectively burning less fossil fuels.

Not only that, but you can also significantly lower your greenhouse gas emissions. An all-around win for the environment!

Con: They Cost More Than Regular Windows

As with anything, quality comes with a price. Energy efficient windows tend to cost more than regular windows, so installing them would be more of an investment.

However, it’s important to note that once you undergo the initial cost, energy efficient windows will actually save you money in the long run. Energy efficient windows reduce energy usage by up to 24% in colder environments and up to 18% in hotter ones, which significantly lowers your utility bills and puts dollars back in your pocket.

Pro: Energy Efficient Windows Offer Noise Insulation

Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient WindowsDo you live in a bustling city? Near an ongoing construction project? Or maybe your neighbors are just plain noisy?

If this sounds like you, then you would be interested to know that energy efficient windows add a layer of protection to your home from outdoor noise pollution. Especially if you live in an urban area, replacing your windows with energy efficient ones is a terrific investment for some peace and quiet.

Con: You Have to Replace All of Your Windows

If you make the switch to energy efficient windows, then you have to commit to replacing all of your existing windows. What’s the point in installing energy efficient windows if heated air is able to seep out through the non-energy efficient windows in your home?

However, once you do replace your windows, then you won’t have to worry about getting new ones for at least another decade (or two).

Pro: They Keep Your Home at the Perfect Temperature

Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient WindowsWhether it’s keeping air in or making sure unwanted air stays out, energy efficient windows are an easy and successful way of maintaining your home’s temperature.

Instead of cranking up the heat — or the AC — energy efficient windows ensure that your home’s internal temperature stays at the sweet spot. And the best part? They do it at no additional cost to you.

Best Energy Efficient Windows in Phoenix

Energy efficient windows are a great way to save big on your utility bills and they keep the inside of your home feeling cozy at all times. Hopefully, after reviewing the pros and cons of energy efficient windows, you’re ready to make the switch.

If you’re interested in installing energy efficient windows in your home, then our team at K&J Windows is ready to help. With our high-quality products and premier service, there’s no wonder why our Phoenix energy efficient windows are known to be the best.

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