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Should I replace 20-year-old windows?

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Should I replace 20-year-old windows?

Windows tend to make a home or an office appear more beautiful, especially if they are well taken care of. The whole building will look bad if the windows are dirty, broken, or old.

Whereas there are numerous ways to maintain old windows, there comes the point when you just have to replace them.

Here are some reasons why you need to replace yours.

Because they are old

The general advice is to replace 20-year-old windows, as they are already too old. But what are the signs of old age?

Well, for starters, they might not open and close as smoothly as they did before.  Also, they might squeak when you open or close them.

You should know that older windows are more vulnerable and can get damaged quite easily. You might even find that they have started to chip already and have damaged frames as well.

But whereas you can replace the frames alone, their damage clearly indicates that your windows are past their glory days. If you do not replace them immediately after they start chipping, you will find them breaking completely.

New technology, designs, and materials will be cropped up after 20 years. So, replacing your windows will give your home or office a more modern look. These modern windows are better and easier to maintain than the older ones.

They lower the value of your property

Should I replace 20-year-old windows?

This is specifically for those who want to sell or rent their homes or offices. Have you been getting low offers for your property and do not know why? It is not the location or inflation. Your windows might just be the reason.

Research shows that one of the critical things buyers check in real estate is the state of the windows. The state of the windows tells the buyer a lot about the home or building.

It can often answer the question that linkers in their head, like is it well maintained?

If the windows are old and have not been replaced, then it probably means that other parts of the house are also too old and damaged.

You can bet that once you replace them, your offers will improve. This is because most people looking for homes now value modern designs rather than older ones.

And as stated, replacing the windows will give your house a face-lift that you did not know it needed, attracting the best buyers.

Replace 20-year-old windows because they are hard to maintain

The older the windows, the harder they are to maintain. They have wear and tear that is not necessarily dirt but does not look good.

New windows require one or two washes per year. It is also cheaper to clean them as they do not have hard stains. However, older windows will require you to clean them monthly.

They will also need more specialized cleaning material, as they are more sensitive. This makes it more expensive to maintain your old windows than replace them with new ones.

Replace them to change their function

Should I replace 20-year-old windows?

20 years ago, windows were mainly for letting in light. The real estate sector and customer preferences have since changed to also include aesthetics. You should replace 20-year-old windows to change their function in your home.

But what other functions do windows have apart from letting light in? Well, they are now used as access points. A large window can also serve as a glass door and be an access point between rooms or the patio.

They can be used to ease pet movement. Smaller windows placed strategically will ease the movement of pets from one room to the next or even to the outdoors.

Also, windows are now strategically placed based on the area’s weather. Hot places will require more oversized windows as they bring in air and improve circulation.


Thinking about what you should do with your 20-year-old windows? Well, since they are too old, it would be better to replace them and raise the value of your home. You can always contact us for more information regarding window replacement. We have over 20 years of hands-on experience in window replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

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