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Tips to Safeguard Your Home and Family

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Tips to Safeguard Your Home and Family National Window Safety Week, observed during the first full week of April, highlights the year-round importance of practicing window safety. Windows, while essential for ventilation and emergency exits, can pose hidden hazards in homes, especially for children. By implementing the following window safety tips, you can create a secure environment, preventing accidents and promoting awareness of the crucial role windows play in emergencies.

Window Safety Tips:

  1. Lock Windows and Patio Doors:

Ensure that windows and patio doors are locked when not in use. This not only deters intruders but also prevents accidental falls, providing a crucial safety measure for households with children.

  1. Keep Climbing Hazards Away:

Keep furniture and other items that children can climb away from windows. Discourage children from jumping on beds or furniture near windows to minimize the risk of falls.

  1. Understand Window Screen Limitations:

Recognize that window screens are designed for fresh air and insect protection, not to support the weight of a child or pet. Emphasize the importance of avoiding leaning or pushing against screens.

  1. Landscape Strategically:

Plant shrubs and grass, and add “soft landscaping” like mulch beneath windows to minimize the impact in case of a fall. This adds an extra layer of safety around windows, reducing potential injuries.

  1. Know Window Safety Features:

Tips to Safeguard Your Home and FamilyFamiliarize yourself with the safety features of your windows and doors. For example, Simonton hung and sliding windows have a ventilation latch that limits the window opening to about 4 inches for added safety.

  1. Manage Second-Floor Risks:

Recognize that second-floor windows pose a greater risk to children and pets. Consider using double hung windows, allowing you to open the top sash for ventilation while keeping the bottom sash closed for added safety.

  1. Choose Safety Glass:

Opt for heat-strengthened tempered glass when replacing windows. This type of glass is stronger, more break-resistant, and breaks into pebbles instead of sharp pieces, enhancing overall safety.

Windows in Emergencies:

Understanding the crucial role windows play in emergencies is vital for every household. Never paint or nail windows shut, as they serve as potential escape routes. Create a fire escape plan with two exits from each room and practice it regularly. Familiarize family members with different escape routes and alternative exits in case of blocked paths. Consider the needs of family members with special requirements and pets, and establish a designated meeting place outside the home.

When replacing windows, consult local code officials to understand emergency escape and rescue (egress) building code requirements. Egress windows, meeting specific size criteria, ensure safe exits for occupants and entry points for rescue workers during emergencies.

Prioritizing window safety is essential for maintaining a secure home environment. By following these tips and understanding the vital role windows play in emergencies, you can safeguard your family and enjoy the benefits of well-maintained, secure windows year-round. For more information on window safety and fall prevention, visit the KJ Windows.

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