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Top 4 Home Trends for 2023

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Top 4 Home Trends for 2022 Prepare for the upcoming year with exciting home transformations! We’ve curated the top four design trends for 2023, simplifying your choices.

1. Nature Indoors:
Embrace nature by incorporating plants into your space. From Ficus to ferns, houseplants not only bring the outdoors in but also offer stress reduction and other health benefits. Consider a large sliding glass door or a moving glass wall, like Milgard’s AX550, for breathtaking views.

2. Natural Light & Large Windows:
Opt for expansive windows to flood your home with natural light and capture scenic views. Studies show that abundant natural light positively affects mood and mental health. Milgard Ultra™ Series | C650 windows offer a contemporary design with modern colors, enhancing your visual field.

3. Neutral Colors Throughout:
Top 4 Home Trends for 2022Neutrals dominate the color palette this year, bringing a timeless and calming effect to your home. Incorporate neutral shades in furniture, flooring, and decorative elements. Milgard’s UltraTM Series | C650 fiberglass windows offer exterior color options like Black Bean, Harmony, Bark, and Frost.

4. Alternative Dwelling Units (ADUs):
Need extra space? Explore ADUs, small homes in your backyard. Ideal for home offices, independent living for aging parents, or guest houses. Ensure compliance with zoning laws and consider amenities like water lines, sewage, and high-speed internet. Consult your local Milgard Certified Dealer for personalized advice.

Get ready to transform your home with these trends – request a consultation today!

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