What Are The Best Windows For Hot Climates

What Are The Best Windows For Hot Climates What are the best windows for Arizona? Arizona is among the hottest states in the U.S. It should come as no surprise that residents suffer from high energy bills to keep their homes cool, especially during the summer season. Among the viable solutions for these challenges are the installation of sound window systems. Specifically, if your windows are at least 10 to 15 years old, it may be time to reconsider replacing them with modern, more energy-efficient ones. This replacement raises the question: What are the best windows for hot climates?
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Triple Pane Glass Windows

The first option would be the Triple-Pane Glass Windows. These windows consist of three panes with insulations between the glasses. These windows’ spacing gets filled with an inert gas called argon, which offers better insulation than the surrounding air.
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Although triple pane windows are a viable answer to the question “What are the best windows for Arizona?” they may not work as well in areas with moderate to cool climates.

Low E-Glass

What Are The Best Windows For Hot ClimatesThe E in Low E-Glass stands for emissivity, meaning the glass conducts minimal heat. The Low E-Glass also contains a metal oxide film on the pane allowing visible light to get through but as reflected radiant energy. Since these windows reflect radiant energy, heat gain gets prevented during the summer season. Thus, not only decreasing high energy bills but also decreasing the chances of overworking your HVAC.
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In sum, Low E-Glass is another viable option.

Warm Spacers

Warm spacers are bars placed around window panes to prevent the air from escaping, thereby decreasing the amount of energy needed to keep the house cool. Modern, warm spacers are now typically made of plastics, foams, and rubbers designed to be more energy-efficient. Notably, these materials do not conduct heat waves. Although they are not technically windows, warm spacers are still a viable answer to our hanging questions.

Casement Vinyl Windows

What Are The Best Windows For Hot ClimatesCasement Vinyl is among the best windows for hot climates. Casement vinyl windows offer maximum ventilation as they provide a mechanism that cranks the window to the left or right. This crank system allows the collection and passage of cool air into your home. So, “What are the best windows for hot climates?” and “What are the best windows for Arizona?”

Casement Vinyl Windows are a good answer to both of these questions.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for either state-specific or climate-specific windows. Hopefully, this article gave you a snapshot of the type of windows best suited for your home.