What Are The Different Types Of Front DoorsIf you are looking to upgrade your front door because it is worn out or the style no longer suits you, you may find that there are plenty of different types of front doors on the market. It is important to land on a look that fits with the design style of your home, but also one that provides the function and durability you need. Here are the options you need to consider when comparing different types of front doors before you replace or upgrade yours!


  • Solid Door – Every version of a door builds off of this very basic door type. A solid front door will be simply a slab of wood, metal, or fiberglass hung on a frame with hinges and hardware. These different types of front doors offer the ultimate privacy as there is no way to look inside the door without opening it making them ideal for certain commercial applications.
  • Glass Door – Adding a new feature to the solid front door, a glass door will include a sheet of glass in the body. These doors can be almost fully glass with just a border framing the glass, feature a glass window on just the upper half, or many variations in between. The glass can be completely translucent or a bit opaque for privacy and might feature a design or pattern.
  • Glass Door With Panels – This style of front door includes multiple panels of glass rather than a single sheet. The trim separating each panel of glass, known as a mullion, adds an intricate design detail to the look of the door. The signature look of a French door is a glass door with panels. While these doors are certainly beautiful, cleaning each panel of glass is a little more time consuming than a door with a single glass panel.
  • Door With Sidelights – Sidelights are separate frames with glass windows that are positioned on one or both sides of your main front door. They will typically be the same height as your front door, but much narrower as to highlight the front door. This is a great option to allow additional light into your front entryway or foyer.
  • Double Door – For a more dramatic effect with your front door or to be able to move larger items in and out of your home, a double door might be a good option for your front door. A double door will typically have an active leaf and an inactive leaf – a door that you open regularly for entering your home and one that does not get opened that often.


What Are The Different Types Of Front DoorsMATERIAL OPTIONS

  • Wood Door – Wooden front doors are found on plenty of homes as they are a classic look and wood is an easily accessed material. Wood doors can make a beautiful statement on the front of your home. Sometimes wooden doors can be a little pricey, so be sure to do your research before buying. Additionally, wood doors are prone to warping and rotting if not properly treated and maintained.
  • Steel Door – Steel doors fit a very specific design aesthetic and will mostly be used in commercial settings. Steel front doors offer great security, strength, and energy efficiency depending on their gauge.
  • Fiberglass Door – Fiberglass front doors are a very popular option in current times. These doors offer a great balance between cost, durability, and energy efficiency. The fiberglass material is available in many different styles and can even mimic the look of a wooden door making them the preferred option for most homeowners.

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