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What are Top of the Line Milgard Windows?

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What are Top of the Line Milgard Windows?The quality of the windows you choose for your home can have a drastic effect on both your energy costs as well as the temperature of your home, especially when you live in the Arizona heat.

The Arizona sun shows no mercy on outdated or low-quality windows. If you live in Arizona and are considering purchasing or replacing the windows on your home or business, it’s crucial to be aware of the quality options available to you.

One of the best window manufacturers in Arizona is Milgard Windows and Doors. Milgard offers a wide range of high-quality products suitable for all kinds of houses and buildings. Before you invest in new windows, let’s take a look at some of the top-of-the-line products Milgard Windows has to offer you.

Who is Milgard Windows?

What are Top of the Line Milgard Windows?For more than 50 years, Milgard Windows and Doors has been providing high quality products to customers in Arizona. Not only do their products demonstrate a drive for perfection, but they also strive to innovate their products and product designs.

Milgard has been long recognized within the window industry as one of the top manufacturers of state-of-the-art windows. In fact, Milgard has won “Best Quality Vinyl in the Nation” nine times, “Most Used Vinyl Window” five times, and the “Builder’s Choice” for vinyl windows in the Western United States by the renowned BUILDER magazine.

Part of their success can be attributed to the design of vinyl windows Milgard sells. Milgard developed its very own vinyl compound. The vinyl compound is produced in controlled settings to exact standards which further their quality assurance and consistency with every happy customer.

This compound allows Milgard windows to be durable, reliable, and energy efficient. Milgard’s award-winning windows can transform both the climate and aesthetic of your home.

The Milgard Vinyl Line

What are Top of the Line Milgard Windows?Milgard offers a variety of different products with its award-winning vinyl compound. Some of the most popular top of the line Milgard Windows include:

Tuscany Series

This style of window offers a traditional look with the Milgard SmartTouch handle. The Milgard SmartTouch handle allows the window to open and close with one single motion, saving you the hassle associated with opening or closing outdated windows.

Trinsic Series

With a more contemporary style, the Trinsic Series offers a window with more glass, a thinner frame, and sight lines. This line of windows comes equipped with a new, squared-off, SmartTouch lock on single hung and sliders, which sit flush with the frame.

Style Line Series

Accompanied by a clean look, this affordable vinyl window can fit with a variety of architectural home styles. This type of Milgard window boasts narrow frame profiles, a sleek and modern look, and full use of the glass area, allowing for excellent views.

Finding the Right Window Installer

Installing new windows is a big project and investment. To make sure you are in the right hands when it comes to time for the big project, reach out to K&J Windows. With over a decade of high-quality services and windows installed throughout the Arizona region, K&J Windows is an excellent option for your business. To learn more about K&J Windows, reach out to a team member today.

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