What Is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Windows? Replacing the windows in your home can give it a much needed revamp. However, this type of home renovation comes with a price tag.

So, what is the average cost to replace windows? In the United States, the national average for window replacement cost is $650 per window. Cost is going to vary based on the specifics of the window replacement project. The typical range that you can expect for costs is between $200 to $1,800 per window.

So now that you know the basic pricing information, let’s dive into some factors that can influence the price of a window replacement.
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What Goes Into Window Replacement Cost

The primary factors that will influence the price have to do with details regarding your home and the type of window you’ll be replacing.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?Window Material

The first thing you’ll have to pay attention to is the window material. Repair companies or contractors will typically provide you with different options as to which window material they use. Some common window frame materials include wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Vinyl is the cheapest and most popular option for window material. Average price ranges from $100 to $900. Their popularity primarily stems from their durability and energy efficiency.

Wood is another popular option, as it offers a unique and timeless look that displays craftsmanship. Depending on the location and structure of the home, using wood material may be the best option.

Fiberglass is a similar option to vinyl, though people generally consider them more durable. This results in fiberglass window material carrying a higher price tag than vinyl.

Aluminum is a more budget oriented option, with typical prices ranging from $75 to $400. However, the insulation with aluminum is less than that of other materials.

Lastly, there are composite windows. This is the most expensive option because they provide unparalleled durability and require very little maintenance. Average price for composite windows ranges from $300 to $1200 per window.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace Windows?Type of Window

The type of window that you’re replacing will also affect the price of the replacement. Some common considerations include the size, look, and function of the window. As a general rule, just remember that the larger the window, the higher replacement cost.

Location of Window

Believe it or not, the location of the window will also affect the price of the replacement. For example, window replacements in a basement will typically cost an additional 0 to 00.
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Larger window displays, such as bay windows, can easily double or triple the price of replacement. Another easy rule to remember is the window replacements on the upper floor of a home will increase the price of replacement.

Glass Size and Type, Number of Panes

The type of glass that you chose for your window replacement will change the cost. Depending on your location, they may require you to use a tempered or safety glass.
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There are also tinted glasses that block harmful UV rays, which can come in handy if you live in a sunny area. Additionally, if the window you’re replacing has a larger number of panes, the cost is going to increase.