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What is the Best Window for Arizona?
What is the Best Window for Arizona?

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 What is the Best Window for Arizona?Residing in the Grand Canyon state comes with its fair share of benefits, from fewer bugs and year-round sunshine to extraordinary views and endless outdoor activities. However, living in Arizona also comes with a scorching sun, high temperatures, and dry heat.

This makes it important to carefully consider the windows you are using in your home. Choosing the wrong type can lead to high utility bills and added discomfort, taking away from the opportunities Arizona has to offer. Here are a few factors to consider before you upgrade your windows.

Aluminum vs Vinyl

Aluminum windows remain lightweight and durable, making them a great option for wide picture windows, such as a living room window overlooking the desert. However, aluminum windows are known for inefficient seals, allowing heat to seep through the seams. This risk can be minimized by using low-emissivity glass, which has greater energy efficiency.

On the contrary, vinyl windows are associated with greater energy efficiency compared to aluminum. Many companies offer a variety of colors and styles in vinyl, allowing your creative mind to run free. In addition, vinyl windows are affordable and require little maintenance.

Single Pane vs Double Pane

What is the Best Window for Arizona?Due to the extreme heat that Arizona faces year-round, double pane windows are generally the go-to for many homeowners. Double pane windows give you maximum solar heat resistance with an added layer of protection.

Think of an office building that has a door before the actual entrance to the building. Double pane windows work in the same manner. Single pane windows only offer one layer of glass, making it more difficult to regulate the temperature of your home. Another bonus of double pane windows is noise reduction. This is important if you live by a busy highway and can increase the value of your home.

Factoring in the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

What is the Best Window for Arizona?It’s not uncommon for the temperatures in Phoenix to linger above 80 degrees most of the year. Without the right windows, your home could be a sauna depending on the direction of the sun. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much heat passes through the glass.

A lower number is more favorable, meaning less heat is passing through. Although windows with a low SHGC might cost more, they can prevent your home from heating up to uncomfortable levels and generate steady climate control.

Still Confused?

Finding the right windows for your home factors in various different elements, from aesthetics to functionality. You want to choose an option that retains energy efficient qualities, but still fits into the interior and exterior design of your home.

This is why working with an expert is recommended. At K&J Windows, we take the time to go over every feature and design option that fits your space, giving you peace of mind that you are making the right decision. We offer numerous different brands and styles, all installed by our professional team.

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