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What Type of Window is Most Energy Efficient?

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What Type of Window is Most Energy Efficient?Aesthetics and efficiency are typically the factors that are a hot topic of conversation when a homeowner is choosing a style or brand of window to install in their home. Especially in Arizona, the type of window you have can impact the climate and the energy efficiency of your home.

If your home has old and outdated windows, you could be subject to high energy costs, poor temperature control, and overall discomfort from both the financial and physical burden of old windows.

If this burden is something you are familiar with, you are probably already considering replacing your windows. The logical next question you should have is, “What type of window is the most energy efficient?”

Before making an investment in new windows, let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to window energy efficiency.

Window Style

What Type of Window is Most Energy Efficient?Windows have a wide range of styles and designs. If you are mainly concerned about the energy efficiency of your windows, the best style to get would be fixed windows or picture windows. However, these windows have no functionality and cannot be opened for ventilation.

If you are looking for a window that is operable, the most energy efficient option would be hinged-sash windows such as casement or awning windows. These windows allow you to create a firm, weather-tight seal when they are closed.

Window Size

The size of the window will also impact energy efficiency. Smaller windows allow for less air to find its way into the home, while larger windows leave more room for drafts.

Frame Material

Much like window styles, there are a variety of different framing materials you can choose from when installing windows. The most common materials used for window framing include vinyl, wood, metal, and fiberglass. Out of all of these options, vinyl and fiberglass are the best solutions for energy efficiency.

Window Brand

What Type of Window is Most Energy Efficient?A brand with years of high-quality products and services is the best choice when choosing new windows. Although having the top brand does not ensure it will be the most energy efficient, choosing a brand with a history of satisfied customers oftentimes is the smart move.

Low quality window brands may perform well at first, but just four seasons later the window can lose shape or effectiveness. For this reason, choosing a reputable brand known for energy efficient products is recommended. We recommend Milgard and similar brands.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Window?

The most energy efficient window will have a fiberglass frame. This framing material provides the most insulation. In addition, energy efficiency can also be promoted with triple-pane glass and a Low-E coating. Window tinting can also improve your energy efficiency.

If you find a brand and style of window that fits this criteria, you can rest assured knowing you have some of the most energy efficient windows on the market. Other viable energy efficient windows could include vinyl windows, composite window frames, and double-pane glass.


If you have more questions regarding the energy efficiency of certain window styles or brands, reach out to an expert with experience in the industry. At K&J Windows, we have provided high quality products and services to the Arizona region for over a decade. To ask our team a question or to learn more about what we can offer you, visit our website today.

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