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Which Type of Windows is Best for Home?

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   Which Type of Windows is Best for Home?Do you need a better view of the world around you? If yes, then, look through your window. While most homeowners see windows as a medium that provides ventilation and natural light, others view them as more than that. 

Indeed, each window type has its own pros and cons. For this reason, there are cogent factors to keep in mind when making the selection. For instance, factors like the shape, amount of ventilation, and cost must always be considered.

Likewise, natural light is sometimes a highly sought-after element in homes. So, making a good decision about the right windows can yield a significant return on investment.

If you are constructing or renovating, it is best to select windows that provide natural light, are practical, and are within your budget. 

The question now is: which type of windows is best for home?

Read on as we explain the top choice windows best suited for homes and how to select them.

Types of windows for homes

Casement windows

Which Type of Windows is Best for Home?This window type is also referred to as crank windows due to some inherent features. For instance, it has an opening mechanism that pivots on a hinge, similar to a door. Another key point is the robust seal surrounding these windows, which ensures their overall weather proofness. More to this, its swing action helps facilitate substantial airflow when required.

On average, the price range for installing individual casement windows is between  $597 to $1,273.

However, this window does not support fastening window air conditioning systems, as they are not better used for this purpose.

Double-Hung or Single-Hung Windows

Another type of window suitable for homes is the double-hung and single-hung windows. These types of windows have different operating mechanisms. In double-hung windows, both the upper and lower sashes may be opened and closed for proper air ventilation. On the other hand, single-hung windows only open from the lower half

However, both double-hung can be opened by opening vertically along the track. The fascinating part is they have window designs. 

In terms of cost, double-hung windows are slightly more expensive than single-hung windows. Yet, both have an average installation cost ranging from $429 to $915 per window.

Sliding Windows

Which Type of Windows is Best for Home?If you are looking for an alternative to horizontal window orientations, sliding windows are your best bet. Just like its name, it has one portion sliding over another like a sliding glass door. In this way, there’s always efficient air circulation and it provides a somewhat effective seal.

Generally, sliding windows are commonly used for basement egress windows, but is it not advised in areas where enhancing the visual attractiveness of a property is a greater priority. 

On average,  cost of installing sliders ranges from $775 to $1,652

Picture window

If you need large windows are designed to provide an expansive view of the surroundings, then picture window is your best bet. It is stationary and can truly create an impressive effect without obstructing the outside view. 

However, it does have a major disadvantage: these windows lack ventilation. Since they do not have any opening devices, maintenance is easy, and they ensure a tight seal against weather conditions.

On average, the cost of each picture window installation varies from $609 to $1,298, depending on its size and design.

Awning windows

Like the awning-like shelter they offer, these window types are ideal choices if you enjoy opening your windows while it is raining. Awning windows, equipped with top-mounted hinges, can be used in conjunction with a picture window either above, below, or adjacent to it.

One major disadvantage of awning windows is how they can potentially block pathways due to their protruding forward. 

On the average, cost of installing awning windows range from $477 to $1,107 per window. 

How to Select Window Types

Which Type of Windows is Best for Home?If you are to consider all the choices above, choosing the right window may seem uneasy.

The question now is: How can you select the most suitable window for their home? Here are the factors to take into account.

What are the things required of your window?

To begin with, start by considering your budget for the replacement. After that, opt for the window types that are within your budget by giving a good response to the question below:

  1. What is your preferred window size? 
  2. What are the necessary things required for the windows to function? For instance, do you prefer it open to the outer or the inner parts? Can you move laterally? Do you prefer having a stationary window instead?
  3. Next, where do you prefer to install the window? In most cases, you really need to install egress windows at some places in the house. Take, for example, the basements. Likewise, smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, often require a specific window or glass type that can give anyone privacy.
  4. Another question to ask is: How do you want the new windows to look in the room? There’s a reason for this— it is important to examine the possibly changes involved when you choose a frame materials, such as vinyl or aluminium.


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