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Window and Door Salesman vs. Consultant

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A salesman is defined as “a person whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products,” while the consultant is “a person who provides expert advice professionally.”

The 2015 Training Industry Report found that $8.1 billion was spent on outside sales products and services. Companies are spending huge amounts of money training their sales people on the latest techniques on how to convince you into buying something, and it’s working.

Most salesman use techniques that create fear, uncertainty and doubt in the consumer. The “take away” or the “today only discount” are only two of many sales techniques which create an unnecessary sense of urgency, and can make the entire purchasing experience a stressful one.

As a consumer, are you interested in working with a company representative that is focused on selling you something or a consultant that provides you with expert advice in a professional manner? The representative who won’t leave your home until you sign a contract or a professional who answers your questions, explains all the different options available to you and then leaves you alone to make a purchasing decision on your own terms.

K & J believes that a window consultants primary focus should be to help with your project by answering your questions and make recommendations on what products may work best for your home. We believe quotes should be built using manufacturer software programs allowing each window and door to be itemized. Listing all window specifications including the energy efficiency numbers of each window gives an accurate look into exactly what you will be purchasing while helping to eliminate error.

Purchasing replacement windows and doors for the home is a big decision and should not be made while being pressured. One of our sales techniques is to not participate in “in-home sales” or close the “deal” in the home, which I believe reveals the level of respect that we have for our clients and offers a better purchasing experience.

A free in-home consultation should be just that, a consultation without obligation, not an opportunity for a salesman to sell you something. If at the end of the discovery process you decide that we have the best product for your project, our prices fall within your budget and you want us to install your windows and doors properly then call us.

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