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Energy efficiency

Fiberglass windows excel in energy efficiency due to their resistance to expansion and contraction with changing weather conditions. This feature makes them an excellent option for homes located in areas with extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the climate.

Color options

Available in four exterior colors – black bean, bark, harmony, and frost – these fiberglass windows can complement any architectural design. Choose a color matched or white interior.

Aesthetic accessories

Discover a multitude of grid types, patterns, and combinations with C650 Series windows, designed to effortlessly complement your home’s style. Tailor your windows to reflect your unique aesthetic preferences, ensuring a cohesive and personalized look that enhances the overall appeal of your residence.

C650 Windows & Doors

Beautiful Hardware

Discover the pinnacle of luxury with the Ultra C650 Series fiberglass windows, a definitive statement piece for any home. Offering four stunning color options for both interior and exterior frames, this series boasts exclusivity in design. With its unique hardware and five durable color finishes, these windows ensure both aesthetics and security while providing seamless operation.

Crafted from resilient fiberglass material, the Ultra C650 Series stands strong against extreme temperatures, preventing issues like swelling, rotting, or warping. This makes it the ultimate choice for hassle-free maintenance and long-term durability, regardless of the climate. Featuring elegant French-style sliding or swing patio doors with up to four panels, it’s perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces and maximizing scenic views.

For those seeking enduring quality and striking visual appeal, look no further than the Ultra C650 Series for your windows and doors needs.

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