There’s more to window selection than meets the eye.

Our Phoenix window manufacturers offer numerous collections of glass that can be used for everything from heat absorption to sound defense. Our main goal at K&J Windows is ensuring your privacy and safety, so all of our windows are tested for quality.

Take a look at some of our popular glass options that will contribute to the aesthetic of your home.

obscureThis image-distorting glass transmits light, but does not allow a view of objects on the other side. Obscure glass is perfect for bathrooms and front entry doors. Patterns and colors can vary for a translucent to semi-opaque effect.

temperedThis safety glass is created by controlled thermal or chemical treatments. The process increase its strength compared to any normal glass. Any stresses on tempered glass will result in a glass breakdown into granular pieces instead of shattering into serrated shards of glass. This, in turn, causes less injury.

laminatedLaminated glass significantly improves exterior noise reduction compared to unlaminated glass panes containing the identical thickness. The interlayer bonds two or more panes together producing a glass that is highly effective in reducing noise. An additional property of laminated glass is the interlayer. The interlayer can block essentially most ultraviolet radiation. This process could block up to 99.9% of the UV rays.


Many of our clients today are looking to help the worldwide shortage of energy. Energy-efficient glass is an excellent place to start. The glass you select is the most important component when considering windows. Windows with insulated glazing, provide exceptional energy efficiency, clarity, and performance. Double glazing and Low-E glass provide amazing energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Double gazing glass in PhoenixDouble glazing consists of two or three glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer throughout the window. Most double glazed windows are reliable insulators that will prevent interior fogging and provide a barrier against outside temperatures.

In some cases, older double glazed window units do not contain low-emissivity energy-efficient glass. By replacing your existing window glass with low-e glazing, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, cut heating/cooling bills in half and decrease the size of your carbon footprint.

eeg 3paneTriple glazing technology provides yet another option for improving the energy efficiency of your windows. This technology adds a third layer of glass that improves insulating properties, keeping homes in northern regions warmer.


Triple glaze windows have triple the insulation strength of double glaze windows. These energy efficient replacement windows are optimized to prevent heat penetration, especially in very warm areas such as Phoenix. The extra layers of Low-E coating can be extremely effective in blocking heat radiating from the outside. The triple glaze can also help keep interiors warmer in colder areas by holding warm air in and keeping the cold environment out.


Condensation occurs when glass is much cooler than the air that comes into contact with it, which causes moisture to form. Triple glaze has a lower chance of attracting condensation because of its three separate layers of panes.

Noise Reduction

These windows are modified to keep the noise out. The three layers of high-strength glass are able to dampen noise pollution and increase in-home comfort. This is a good option for residents living in busy urban areas.

Low emissivity glass in PhoenixLow-E stands for low-emissivity. The Low-E coating blocks damaging UV rays while allowing visible light through the window unit. The heat transfer will be re-directed away from the house exterior, while during the hot summer months in Phoenix, the house interior keeps the cool climate re-directed back into the home. This process helps reduce energy cost each year. Choosing energy efficient windows with Low-E coating will be a huge jump in energy efficiency compared to your old single pane windows.


Argon gas windows are a sealed unit filled with gas between panes to increase energy efficiency. Argon is a non-toxic, odorless gas that is used on windows combined with Low-E coating to minimize heat exchange through the glass exterior to the interior. Because of its density, Argon also has characteristics to control the amount sound transmitted into the interior of your home. Argon gas improves thermal performance without altering your outside view. All Argon glass windows are certified against any leakage and can last for about 20 years.