Where Do I Start with Window Replacement?

Whether you’re replacing windows, installing new windows in a remodel or choosing windows for a home you’re building, the first question is: “Where to start?” You’ve already made an important step by visiting window websites like ours to research window and patio door choices. The next step is to determine how to get the project started and the work done. Choose a project below to get advice:

Whether you have one window to replace or several, always consider a professional replacement window installer. Their expertise ensures better performance from your window replacements and could save you money from potential weather damage in the future.

Measure horizontally and vertically at three points and record smallest daylight opening dimensions.


1. Measure the window(s) you’ll be replacing to provide your dealer or contractor with an estimate of the sizes you will need or contact K & J Windows to set up a no cost no obligation appointment to measure your windows or doors.

2. Choose a window material (such as vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum) or work with a K & J Windows professional to help you find the perfect window material for your home.

3. Choose a window operating style.

4. Contact K & J Windows in Phoenix, AZ for pricing, installation and product information.

5. Hire the one you feel most comfortable with and who has the best recommendations.

6. Meet with the professional you hire and discuss each window. This professional may have advice on other options to consider for price, performance, energy efficiency or curb appeal.

7. Schedule the work.

8. Prepare your home. See What to Expect for helpful tips to consider before, during and after the project.

Tip: Even for a minor window replacement, be sure to take into consideration your home’s architectural style and the style of the rest of the windows in your home.

If you have any questions at any stage of the process above, contact a K & J Windows Representative for help. We are here to help you.

If you’re remodeling an existing room or adding on to your home, the general contractor or architect you hire for your remodeling project will play an important role in helping you select the proper windows and doors. Your general contractor will most often install them in the course of their work.

There are specific contractors that specialize in remodeling. You may already have one in mind. To learn more about a contractor’s role in a project like yours, see Contractors.

Architects and general contractors generally can provide good advice on the types of replacement windows and replacement doors that will be appropriate for the rooms you’re remodeling or adding. Your K & J Windows Representative also can be a great resource ready to work with your contractor or architect on any project.

Tip: Be sure to take into consideration your home’s architectural style and the window styles used in the rest of your home. You’ll get the most return on your investment and curb appeal by maintaining the architectural style of your home.

If you’re building a new home from the ground up, you’re probably already working with an architect or builder. Often home builders and architects will allow you to choose upgrades to various components of the home, such as window replacement and door replacements.

Window Repair Tips:

  • For such an important purchase like new home windows and patio doors, it pays for you to do your own research. This will make you more knowledgeable in discussing window options with your builder or architect.
  • Be sure to consider your builder’s or architect’s recommendations carefully. Builders and architects generally are very knowledgeable on new home windows and patio doors. They know what works best in your area and for your new home’s architectural style, as well as what will work best with the existing home plan.
  • In choosing how much to spend on window upgrades, consider the neighborhood and how long you think you’ll be in the house. Obviously if you’re going to be in the home for a long time, it makes sense to purchase windows and patio doors you’ll enjoy for years.

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K&J Windows is a great resource for expert advice on window repair and replacement. They will be able to make excellent suggestions based on your local area’s climate to ensure your home’s comfort while offering many types of product to fit within your budget. Contact our window and door dealership in Phoenix today to receive an estimate for our services.

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